Deluxe Paper Compressed Foam Board

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Model : Deluxe Paper Compressed Foam Board
Colour :
White (157 gms) White (210 gms)
Size Width :
4 ft 4 ft
Size Length :
8 ft 8 ft
Thickness : 6 mm 6 mm
Carton :
20 pcs / Box 20 pcs / Box

Product Application 

Untitled Document

A wonderful idea back up for large framework and great mounting foam board. Strong, stiff, resilient and lightweight. Virtually weightless board made of PS foam core laminated on both sides with white/black coated paper with white & black colors available..

Applicable on POP display stand, offset printed boards, electronics tray and so on. foam board can be easily cuts with mat knife and may scored and folded for three dimension such as architectural models. Cuts at each of three successive depths ill produce a neat edge to the board.

White Mounting Board suitable for all kinds of artwork such as photos, pictures, posters and what you want to preserve without any risk of discoloration. It is time saving framing with no additional backing substrate, still best preservation and presentation. A replacement back panel board for all photo frame backing solutions which can fits for all types of mounting/photo framing methods.

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